Friday, August 29, 2008

CVS deals for the new week...

I don't know if y'all's CVS changes over to the new week yet, but ours did and there are a few FREE and MoneyMaker Items this week...

I got some CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss that was $5.99 and free after ECB's... There is a $1 off any Covergirl coupon making this a $1 moneymaker! (Limit of 1 per card)

Also Colgate Total Advanced Clean is $2.99 with a $2 ECB and we got $1 off coupons in the last insert which would make it free... There is also the $1.50 printable out there that would make it a $.50 moneymaker! (Limit 2 per card)

Also, if you still have any BOGO CoverGirl Coupons, they have certain lines that are BOGO, so you get 2 foundations for free!

Also, Neutrogena is running a special where you buy 1 Neutrogena product pictured in the circular, you get $3 ECB (Limit 2 per card) So you buy 2 Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara @ $5.99 and use the $3 off 2 Neutrogena coupon from the August All You and use your 2/10 CVS coupon it ends up being $.50 for each! Not too bad of a deal...

Hope this helps someone out! ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us! ;)

Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary, so we decided to take a little trip the weekend before to celebrate, since this will be our 1st Anniversary we've spent together! The 1st anniversary, I was in Germany, and the 2nd, he was in Iraq! :(

We asked his parent's to come watch Eli, and they graciously accepted, so they arrived Friday night around 6 pm and we spent a little bit of time with them, and then we headed out to dinner at Olive Garden, yum, and enjoyed the never ending Pasta Bowl! :) So yummy and a "little" cheaper than the normal meal that we get!

We then embarked on the 1.5 hour drive to Chattanooga, where we had booked a hotel for 2 nights... It was a Country Inn and Suites, and it was very nice and it was so much fun having a sit down living room area and kitchen area, separate from the bedroom... Ryan wanted to go swimming that night, (they have an indoor pool) but unfortunately it was after hours, so we just went to sleep.

We woke up pretty early and headed down for the Fabulous complimentary breakfast they had! They had "make your own" Belgium waffles, and they were to die for! ;) We then went back up and showered and finished getting ready and then headed to the Tennessee Aquarium which was only about 5 miles away... It was so much fun and we spent about 4-5 hours there touching baby sharks, stingrays, sturgeon, etc... It was a lot of fun and very cool since he hadn't been there since he was little, and I don't remember going to an Aquarium like this before.

Here are a few pics from my Camera Phone since I forgot the real camera! :(
That is a real shark! ;)
Ryan was so incredibly creeped out!
My attempt at touching the stingray while taking the picture!
Ryan touching the stingray!They felt so funny!

We also checked out the Imax movie on "Dolphins and Whales" which was 3-D... That was pretty much the only redeeming quality, unless you want to hear how horrible humans are and how we're going to to eventually destroy the planet if we don't save this dolphin or that whale, etc... Very liberal portrayal, but overall was fun...

We went to Cheeburger Cheeburger before we saw the Imax movie and if you havn't been, you should Definitely go! It was so yummy and about average price as far as nice burger joints go...

After the Imax and Aquarium, we headed to Ben and Jerry's for a little Ice Cream, and after we were stuffed, we walked around for a while, then went and signed up for the "Murder Mystery Dinner Show" where they have Italian Buffet and then there are "Characters" in the show, that walk around and interact with all the guests... It was supposed to be a High School Reunion where one of the classmates gets killed and you try to figure it out... There was the Class Nerd, the Prom Queen, the Class clown, the Coach, the English Teacher, the Class President... I think that's all... Anyhow, they walk around talking to you like you were in their class and this is your reunion too... It was a lot of fun and a little different, but a unique experience... It was pretty much a family friendly comedy show, with very little mystery! It would be impossible to figure out who had killed the victim, since it was totally random, but it was definitely more about the comedy! Ryan and I actually got called out to stand up since it was our 3 year Anniversary, and then they told me to sit down and said that "We want to thank Ryan because they were separated for a while because he spent 2.5 years in Iraq!!" Of course the whole crowd starts clapping and Ryan ends up getting a standing ovation!! ;) What does my "shy" hubby do? He starts doing hand guestures like he was shooting Iraqies! I thought I was going to wet my pants it was so cute! ;) I of course am proud of him too, so he can "fake shoot Iraqies" all he wants! Oh, and if you're wondering... The lady got confused... Ryan told her that we were separated for 2.5 years and that he was in Iraq, so she thought he meant he was in Iraq for that long, but still, it was nice that they appreciated it enough to say something! Overall, we had a great time and it was really funny!

We then headed on back to the hotel because Ryan REALLY wanted to swim in the indoor pool and then we watched, "What Women Want"... Overall, a fun day!

We woke up bright and early to eat some more Belgium waffles, Yum! Then we finished getting ready, packed our bags and headed out to the Ocoee River! We were so excited to go White Water Rafting since neither of us had ever been! We got there in plenty of time and after about 30 minutes we were on the stinky bus ready to head to the drop off point! We ended up with 3 other people who were really nice and did what they were supposed to do! I was afraid we were going to be stuck with a bunch of girly girls who would refuse to paddle or something! It was so much fun and we got soaked even before we decided to jump in! :) We definitely are HOOKED and are already planning on going on the Full River trip which is about 4.5 hours long and even more intense! It really wasn't as terrifying as I thought... If you have a good guide, he is going to put you at ease and make sure you understand everything you're doing!

So, if you haven't been before, you definitely have to try it!
I got these from the website... Ryan is the goofy one in the back with his mouth open in most of the pics... :) And I'm in front of him in the green shirt... You can't see me very well because I'm paddling like the instructor said while Ryan and the lady next to him were busy posing for the camera! ;)

We were a little sad when it ended, but happy that we would soon get to see our little boy! Ryan slept for most of the 2.5 hours home, and we were so excited when we got home and saw our Eli! He was soo excited to see us, even though his Grandma Leigh-Leigh and PopPop took very good care of him! He was pretty much attached to my hip for the first 2 hours, but we are definitely back in the swing of things now!

That's about it, hope you enjoy our pics!

Video of Our Apartment...

Well, after promising photos for months, I decided to just do a video walkthrough and let you see the Apartment... I was waiting till I got more pictures up on the wall, but oh well, I'll get to that someday!

Anywho, here you go!

Sorry I'm such a dork, but oh well, that's just me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few Post Haircut Shots!

I kept meaning to take some "After" shots of Eli, but I wouldn't think of it until he was down taking a nap! Well, today I was taking some pictures of some of my deals, and Eli came in and sat on top of everything to make sure he got in the shot!! It was so cute, so I turned the camera on him and tried to catch a few angles of his new hairdo! ;)

This was when he decided to sit down on Mommies stuff and then smile ear to ear! ;)

My Attempt of getting the back of his head

A little from the side...

Isn't he a cutie!?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Man's Perspective...

I was perusing one of my coupon blogs tonight, Money Saving Mom, and I found a link to this
hilarious description of the frugal wife... Interestingly enough, the writer's name is Ryan and their daughter's name is Sadie, which was going to be Eli's name if he was a girl... So anyways, I hope you enjoy! Too funny! I think my Ryan would definitely agree about all the crazy changes! Although I haven't made him drink any Joint Juice! ;)

Going CVSing, “the deals”, couponing, stockpiling, ECBs, Money Saving Mom- these new phrases have recently become part of my everyday life. Why? I’m the husband of a money-saver.

And I’ve had to adapt.

My wife started showing an interest in cutting our expenses several months ago. Great! I thought. Go for it! We were married young, with a newborn baby, the mortgage bills coming in—you know how it is. Obviously, any added frugality would help us meet our financial goals.

As I look back I pause to smile at my naiveté. I had no idea the new changes that were in store. Over the next few months I have seen my wife transform into a frugal warrior, armed with a new vocabulary, couponing-weapons, and shopping battle strategies. The change was more intense than I could have ever anticipated.

Read on if you’re curious about my brave new world.

1. Strange Products I Get to Try

Apparently product companies test their goods on the families of frugal moms. They give products away for free (through coupons) in an attempt to penetrate the market. The Frugals find these products long before the rest.

Joint Juice is one such product. It’s seeking to gain market traction to an elderly demographic fatigued by joint pain. These days, I drink enough Joint Juice to grease the joints of an entire retirement home. I’m serious. My buddies bring Gatorade to basketball, and as they drink their dollars away, I can’t help but feel lucky. My supply of energy drinks is free. Plus, my joints have never felt better. The stuff’s not so bad.

There’s plenty of products like this for me. Some lead to interesting conversations. When my co-workers found a batch of Go Diego Go Yogurts in the break room they were naturally curious. I explained that yes, adults eat them too. “And actually”, I explained “the yogurts are quite tasty, and they have healthy additives to help you grow.”

I don’t always have positive experiences, (Kashi Vive tastes like dog food) but overall, I’m really starting to enjoy the strange products I get to try now. Perhaps it’s made me a braver, more cultured husband.

2. The Coupon Box

Ah, the coupon box. The primary organizational tool of a Frugal, this mandatory accessory appeared early in the transformation process. There are two things that I’ve learned about the coupon box. First, it goes everywhere. Why? Because, you never know when you’ll need it. Miles into a casual day-trip we’ve turned back upon realizing the box didn’t make it to the car. I now know that where my wife goes, the box goes too.

Second, the box cannot be tampered with. “Don’t touch my box.” My wife doesn’t allow others to mess with her trove of glossy money-paper. I can see why, the organizational process is complex and delicate. A small change could result in catastrophic results in the grocery aisle. Not pretty.

3. CVS Used as a Verb

This one blew my mind. CVS isn’t just a store. It’s a verb. And it turns out, CVSing is the act of snapping up exceptional deals at CVS.

“Did you go CVSing today?” A few months ago, this would have been a nonsensical question. Now, I ask it several times a week as an entry point into further conversation about free diapers and ECBs (extra care bucks). The Frugals love their CVS.

4. Shopping with a Money Saver

It’s not for the faint of heart. Remember, for a Frugal this is the hour they’ve long awaited. The plans are laid far in advance. The grocery store is the battlefield, and my wife becomes the general and infantry. She travels from aisle to aisle with her shopping cart shaped assault vehicle. She’s clearly on a mission. And grocery missions, as you know, often take longer then the haphazard shopping a typical husband relies upon. For the husband of a frugal wife, patience is a virtue.

Then comes checkout. One not used to the process should expect embarrassment. I mean, the sheer volume of coupons is enough to make an amateur blush. But here’s a typical scenario: I look down to check my cell phone and look up to see the clerk dipping into the till to give my wife money. He’s giving her money for purchasing groceries! Holy smokes, what just happened? Was that a transaction or a holdup? Nervously, I rush our family out of the store.

Of course, if you’re looking for more excitement at the grocery store, wait for your Frugal to face up against the distrustful, ornery checkout clerk. It’s a Clash of the Titans!

5. “The Mail Is Here!!”

My wife and I were upstairs yesterday discussing plans for the day and mid-sentence, she stops me. “Shhhh…” I pause thinking Sadie (our baby daughter) must have awoken from her nap. I couldn’t hear a thing. “I think the mail’s here.” Amazed I concentrate on a sound, barely audible. Maybe a plane traveling 10,000 feet above our house. No, it’s getting closer. Perhaps a car. Then it hits me. Incredible! My wife has actually trained her ear to pick up the sound of the mail carrier. Her sense so honed it verges on premonition.

Why the excitement over the mail? A letter from a lost relative? No!

Free samples of course! I’m talking about a pack of Uncle Bens Cajun-Style Rice in neatly packaged orange. The sheer glory, as if Uncle Ben himself descended from heaven and bestowed his ricey goodness to our mailbox. I’ve tasted the newest flavors of Starbucks Coffee, pumped my body full of 6-hour energy, and freshened up my morning shower with Old Spice Shower Gel. Free shipping, free samples, delivered on demand. She’s a genius.

I could go on. I haven’t yet mentioned The Stockpile. (In the event of a nuclear winter, our toothpaste stockpile would ensure clean teeth for the entire neighborhood.) But I think I’ve made the point; there have been a few adjustments in all this money-saving.

But I will say this. I now eat healthier, save more, and am enjoying new and interesting products on a weekly basis. My wife’s frugal living has really helped our family. Thanks to her hard work, we’re living a better life.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Author of this Guest Post
Ryan Adams is the husband of frugal-mom, Dana Adams, the author of the blog, Frugal In Virginia. Ryan has his own blog which he uses as a podium for his ideas about business, technology, jobs, and entrepreneurship. He finds his wife's blog much more interesting.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Publix Deals, Yay!

I had a really good day at Publix today, so I thought I’d share!

Total Shelf
Coupons and Discounts

6 – Kelloggs Mini Wheats
On Sale BOGO
Had 6 $1 off coupons from August "All You"
Paid $1.00 each

1 – Loaf of Sara Lee Bread
Regular Price $2.85
Had a FREE loaf coupon from Sunday Insert

1 – Helluva Good Fat Free Dip
On Sale $1.50
Used a $.50 coupon that doubled from Sunday Insert
Paid $.50

1 – Suave Kids 3-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash
On Sale $1.34
Used a $.50 coupon that doubled from Sunday Insert
Paid $.34

1 – Johnson-Johnson Bar
Regular Price $.99
Used a $1.00 off printable coupon
FREE with $.01 overage

1 – Publix Brand Tissues
Regular Price $.99
Publix Penny Surprise Coupon (It’s a coupon in their ad where you clip it and if you spend $10, then you get that “surprise" item for $.01!)
Paid $.01

So overall a pretty good day and we always can use cereal, so Yay!
I'm still trying to keep our budget down, so how is everyone else doing?

Fever, Doctor's visit, and a haircut! (Still trying to upload the video!)

Well, last week was quite eventful with Eli having between a 100.0-103.0 fever from Wednesday morning to Sunday morning! :( I kept giving him Tylenol and Motrin off and on, and that seemed to control it enough for him to sleep and basically function. He was definitely a lot fussier than his normal self, but that was understandable, so we tried our best just to accommodate him!

We already had his 12 month Doctor appointment scheduled on Friday(He's 14 months!), so we decided to wait till then since it is so difficult to get a sick appointment around here! :( We couldn't get his shots because he was still running a low grade fever, so I'm hoping to get that done the beginning of this week. Anywho, everything else was wonderful! He is 31.5 inches and 26 lbs 9.5 oz, so he is growing wonderfully and she had him walk around and said he was doing really well with his walking, since he is already picking up his feet to walk and doing a lot less waddling... I told her some of the words he is saying, Momma, Dadda, baba (his juice), dog, bampa(Grandpa), Pops, hello, bye-bye, Nay-Nay (Aunt Renee), No-No (His favorite!), Yay-Yay(He'll clap and say this)... He tries to say Haylee and a bunch of other stuff, but I think this is about it...

He also can give a High Five, shake your hands, give hugs, sometimes give me a kiss, run and hide, etc...

So, after he flirted with the doctor and all the nurses, we headed to the commissary to get some more free stuff with the free coupons that I got from the All You magazine, and then we headed home for Eli's nap, then we headed over to Cost Cutter's to get Eli his 1st Haircut! :( I know I've been saying he won't get a haircut for a long time, but it was just growing in unevenly in the back and the sides, so we decided it was time to get it trimmed up a little... I'm already missing his curls, but I know they'll be back soon... But, anywho, we thought y'all would like to see the process, so I videoed the whole affair, so I hope y'all enjoy!

Here is his Before pic (I pulled out the sides so you could see how long it was, but this isn't exaggerated much from how it stuck out everywhere!)

Here is his video... (Please ignore the goofy parents... We're just silly)

It isn't the best quality, but here you go! Sorry it's been such a hassle!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have you checked your spending lately?

Well, tonight I decided to do a little investigation about our expenses since We've started really locking down everything...

Our total grocery/dining out/toiletries/Baby/Personal Goods, CVS Shopping, etc... (Pretty much everything except Gas, clothing, and bills...) for the first 2 weeks of the month, was about $520 and that was with me doing the Grocery Game and eating out for Ryan's lunches and going out to eat 2-3 times as a family a week.

We realized we really needed to cut back, so I started making his lunches 5 days a week and cutting out our going out to eat to maybe 1 time a week. The last 2 week total is down to $180 and that is with a $40 Olive Garden Sunday Lunch! (Ouch!) I know I've gotten a lot better with the GG, but seriously that is a BIG difference just for cutting out going out to eat! Yay!

I really enjoy making his lunches, and he has benefited from getting a little healthier, and cooking dinner EVERY night is forcing me to try a few new things and hopefully Ryan doesn't get too bored with my cooking! ;) I just think it is crazy that we saved $340 over only 2 weeks just by cutting out dining out!

It really keeps me to committed to the Grocery Game and making our own meals! Hopefully each month our totals will keep going down, down, down!!! :)

I hope no one is offended by me talking about money... I just think it is so important to be a good steward of what God has given us, so I am really doing my best to get everything in order!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our little mess!

:) This just made me smile... I unbuttoned his pajamas to change his diaper yesterday morning, and he decided to escape before I had the chance to finish the job... He just looked so cute running around with what looked like a "dress", that I couldn't resist getting a few pics...

Hope y'all enjoy...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

*WARNING* Crazy Coupon Post!! :)

Not going to go into crazy detail, but I got some great deals yesterday and today, but for your sanity I won't go into detail besides the Commisary deals!

(no pic though, sorry)
At Publix...
Shelf $37.28
"Saved" $23.18
Spent $14.10

Shelf $32.45
"Saved" $27.53
Spent $4.92 (Used $4.99 ECB)
Got $13 in ECB's back!

Now onto today! :)

Shelf $16.53
"Saved" $12.11
Spent $4.42 (Saved 76%)

I used to shop at the Commisary all the time in Germany and Fort Hood, but for some reason, I just haven't shopped at this one until Mom sent me a link telling about some great deals... Man, was I happy with what I found! I wasn't sure it was worth it to head onto post, but I definitely know where I'm going to get all my staple items! (Milk, bread, eggs, produce) It is unreal how much cheaper most items are! I don't remember the savings being this good, but I guess I have just gotten used to shopping at the higher end stores, and I forget what grocery prices SHOULD be!

Just an example... Boneless Skinless Chicken breast runs for over $4 a lb at Publix and Kroger and when it goes on sale for $1.99 a lb, I would buy up a bunch... At the Commisary the REGULAR price is $1.72 a lb!!! I COULD NOT believe it!

Don't get me wrong, there are still many great deals to be had at Kroger and Publix, so I just need to do a little homework to make sure I'm not overspending at either place!

A little Run-Down...

Total Price AFTER Sale and Coupon
1 pkg - Tyson Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.53
13 pks - Koolaid Drink Mix - $1.95
3 - Pillsbury Grands Biscuits - $2.26
1 - Kraft Mozzarella Cheese - $1.25
5 - Smart Ones Entrees - $5.95
3 - Eggo Waffles - $2.27
1 - Hormel Lunchmeat - $1.45
4 - CleanTeam Wipes $1.40
4 - Tomatoes @ $.88 - $2.29
2 - Broccoli Clusters @ $.99 a lb - $.73
1 - Crystal Light Drink Mix - FREE
1 - Kraft Salad Dressing - FREE
1 - Kraft Cheese -FREE
1 - Wheat Thins -FREE
1 - Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs -FREE
1 - Smart Ones Dessert - FREE
2 - KoolAid Packs - FREE

Shelf $44.21
"Saved" $22.76
Spent $21.45

I spent a total of $25.87 for all this, and only 3 of the coupons were doubled!

(I love that I was able to get a little produce and meat and still have a decent total, Yay!) And every single item here we do and WILL use in case you're wondering... :)

Somehow these got left out of the group shot!;)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A little Eli fun...

Just thought y'all might like to see a couple pics of our silly boy... After he finished his dinner tonight, I thought I would give him a snack, so I pulled out an apple to see how he'd do... At first he just played with it like a ball, so I pretended like I was biting it, and then he got the idea... ;) I took the pictures because it cracked me up because there was a pool of apple juice forming on his shorts! ;) Anyways, hope you enjoy our cute little boy! Has to get a little smile in there... :) Is there something in my mouth?! ;)Admiring his work...Looking cute with his messy hair!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just for fun...

I don't know about you, but usually when I take a picture with my phone, it is just for use on the phone, and I never send it to anyone or put it on my computer, so it's kind of pointless... I mean, what's the point of taking pictures if you don't share them? Well, since I purchased my new phone, I realized that the port for the MicroSD card (extra memory card) is on the side of the phone instead of behind the battery like the past two phones, making it a whole lot simpler to take out and download photos and upload ringtones, etc...

So, last night I decided to stop being lazy and give it a whirl... So, here you go...

This is just me being retarded when Eli was a couple months old...

My Men around Christmas time at the Tanger Outlets (Eli was about 6 months here)

I think I've uploaded this before, but it makes me smile everytime!

This was on one of our 4-5 hour layovers on the NY trip

This was such a fun night! We went to this fabulous Mexican Restaurant in Huntsville for Eli's birthday, and this great waitress brought him a Mexican dessert and sang Happy Birthday to him!! She was such a good sport about everything and so sweet! So I think this was Eli's first time getting sung too!Eli crashed Mom's 2 and 3 yr old class, so she sat him in the chair to see how he'd handle it! He didn't quite know what the think of it, but he sat there for a minute or two before he bolted for the toys! He looks so grown up! :( Oh my goodness... Best meal ever!! We checked out this restaurant, Landry's Seafood, because we couldn't really think of an alternative and I had been kindof wanting to go for a while, so we were already in that part of town, so we thought, why not! It doesn't look very fancy on the outside, but when we opened the doors, we felt immediately underdressed in our shorts and polos! ;) We were assured we looked fine(yeah right!) and we noticed there were a couple other casually dressed guests, so we relaxed and had a great time. The food is pretty pricey starting at about $15 and going to $30 or $35, but it was sooo worth it! I decided to try something new and I ordered this amazing dish... Stuffed Shrimp Embrochette, which is jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon with seafood stuffing, Jack cheese covered in an amazing momay cream sauce over a generous bed of rice... It honestly was the most flavorful dish I've ever had! Our waiter said they also served it as an appetizer, so I may just do that next time... Oooo... maybe we can go their for our Anniversary... Already getting excited! ;)

This just cracked me up... Welcome to Buger King! I know, I'm in 3rd Grade!
And Eli was fussing, so I gave him my Wendy's cup to play with... All it had left was ice, so he had fun shaking it and playing with the straw... I just thought he looked so cute, I had to capture it!
Here he is again... :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why I should say NO! ;)

Don't get me wrong, that is probably my most used word right now, but sometimes he is just so cute I can't resist, so I let him play with something that I probably shouldn't! This brings me to my cell phone... :) He seemed to only cause minor cosmetic damage until a few days ago when I tried to make a call after he had been playing with it, and I couldn't hear my Mother on the other end! I could hear the faintest of sounds, but not enough to decipher what she was saying... I thought maybe he figured out how to turn the sound all the way down, but the sound was at it's highest volume and still no luck... I don't know how or why, but the speaker phone still worked, so I had to make do with that for a couple days... This probably doesn't sound that bad to you, but my speaker phone would randomly shut off, and I wouldn't realize it because I was talking until I realized I was talking to myself because the other person got tired of waiting... Seriously annoying! I tried to find a replacement on Ebay or Craigslist, but most of the dealers that seemed reputable were asking over $100 for even the cheesy phones, and I just couldn't handle paying that, so I called the local AT&T store and found out they had a couple returned phones for $50... I thought they were going to be older models, but they actually were pretty nice, so I coughed up $50 and got my self a shiny "new" phone yesterday, Yay! ;)

Eli doesn't quite understand why Mommy won't let him play with her new toy, but he is enjoying getting unlimited playtime with Mommy's old phone!

I wanted to get the Flip model they had, but it wasn't working right, so I decided to go with the Bar Phone type... I haven't had a bar phone for a couple years, so it is a little of an adjustment getting used to it... It's pretty nice though, so I am thankful that I was able to find one that didn't quite break the bank!

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shutterfly pics

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am in the process of adding more pictures to our Stroud Shutterfly account... I think I've been adding them to the wrong section because I was sure I had already added some of these, but anywho, sorry everyone for the delay! Hope you enjoy the new pics! Hopefully I'll be done adding them tonight!

Update: It's taking a lot longer than anticipated, so I'm adding the GA birthday party pics and then going to bed! ;)

Rite Aid Coupon

I know people get tired of reading about my coupon deals, but sorry, that's a big part of what is going on in my life right now! ;) Some of you that do deals, might like to know that I found a link for a $30 Rite Aid gift card for transferring a new prescription! I've gotten one of these before when Eli got his stitches, and I just finished it up today! :(

Sorry if y'all had already seen this one! Hopefully this will help someone!

click here
It's off the Rite Aid website, so it is completely legit! ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I just can't stop...

saving money that is! ;) I guess being home with Mom renewed my vigor even more for saving money, so here you go... I bought 4 papers this week, I know... it's an addiction, so my savings can be even more... I have quite a few more to use at CVS, but it was really stressful trying to figure everything out with Eli in tow because he was super fussy! :( I hope to go tomorrow and finish the rest of my Grocery shopping while Ryan is home and Eli is taking a nap... (Ryan has 24 hour duty tonight, so he has tomorrow off!) Hopefully I'll get some great deals at Kroger and Publix too! Hopefully all this makes sense!

Anywho, here are the deals... (If you make it to the end there are a few cute pics of Eli!) ;)

4 Oral-B Toothbrushes
Shelf Price - $3.49
Sale Price - $2.49
4 Coupons - $1 off
ECB $1.50 per item
Final Price - $.04 overage!

2 Covergirl TruBlend Makeup
Shelf Price $8.99
Sale Price – BOGO
Coupon – BOGO
Final Price - FREE

2 CoverGirl TruConceal Makeup
Shelf Price - $7.49
Sale Price – BOGO
Coupon – BOGO
Final Price - FREE

2 PaperMate 10 pk Pens
Shelf Price - $1.99
Sale Price - $.34
Final Price - $.68

2 Pert Plus Shampoo/Conditioner
Shelf Price - $3.69
Sale Price – BOGO
Coupon - $2.00 off (Use 2 coupons)
Final Price – FREE with $.31 overage!

1 Phase 10 Card Game
Shelf Price - $6.99
Clearance Price - $1.75
Final Price - $6.99!!! I didn’t catch that it rang up full price!! I’ll be getting my money back tomorrow!

1 NiceN’Easy Hair Color
Shelf Price - $7.49
Clearance Price - $1.87
Coupon $2.00
Final Price – Adjusted to FREE!

2 CVS Aspirin (120 Ct)
Shelf Price - $.99
Coupon – Free CVS coupon
Final Price – FREE

1 Colgate Total Toothpaste
Shelf Price - $3.49
Sale Price - $2.99
Coupon - $2.00
Final Price - $.99 (Thought I was getting a $2.00 ECB, and didn’t, so I’ll be returning this as well!)

4 Sure Deoderants
Shelf Price - $2.69
Sale Price – BOGO
Coupons – 2 - $2.50 + 2 - $1.00
Final Price – FREE with $1.62 overage!

1 Instant Energy 2 pack
Shelf Price - $4.99
ECB - $4.99
Final Price – FREE after ECB’s!

1 Lamisal Spray
Shelf Price - $7.59
Coupon - $4.00
Final Price - $3.59

1 Excedrin Headache Medicine
Shelf Price - $5.29
Sale Price - $2.50
Coupon - $2.00
Final Price - $.50

1 Crest Toothpaste
Shelf Price - $3.29
Sale Price - $2.49
Coupon - $.75
ECB - $1.50
Final Price - $.25

Had 5 - $2 off $10 coupons
Started out with $21.95 in ECB’s
Total Shelf $110.15
Actual OOP after ECB’s and $2 off coupons - $5.41
Will be getting $8.23 back from returns tomorrow
ECB’s Remaining - $22.93
I LOVE CVS!!! ;) Plus I'm taking whatever we don't use back to Mom's and the discount store, so I just hope to keep rolling my savings, yay!

He decided his suitcase was a good seat to play with Mommy's phone! ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The crazy cousins...

Well, on the last night of Eli and I's visit, we celebrated Mack, Chris, and Jen's B-days, and Mom and Dad's 34th Anniversary with a little dinner and party... It's always fun to get the kids together, so of course we have to do a photo-op, so here you go!
Here are the kids posing nicely with Grandma and Grandpa...

(Jared -4, Wade -5 mos, Jacob - 8 mos, Eli -13 mos, Haylee -5)

And These just crack me up! They were NOT in the mood for these pics! It was well past the babies bedtime, so this is the "best" shot of the group...

Now, for the funny ones!

Eli and Jacob were NOT very happy to be squished together!

Wade finally decided to join the boys crying party! Boys are just so dramatic!