Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little catch-up Veteran's Day post...

Well, if you remember we went to the Veteran's Day parade a couple weeks ago, and I posted a video where we made it on TV, well, Ryan had taken some pics of us with his work camera, so when he got a chance he brought the files home, so here are a few pics of our little family...
Hope you enjoy!
Eli all bundled up watching the Parade...
(you can see he's a true Southerner at heart as he tightly clings to his American Flag!)

He was a little tired and out of it at first, so this was a rare smile from our normally happy boy...

Then he got into it when I started bouncing him on my shoulders... :)

Hey... There's Daddy...

Wow Mom.... You really need to get those roots touched up...

Daddy's turn... :)

And this is why they put me on the news, cause I'm just so stinkin' cute... ;)

Awww... I can almost breathe now... :)

Well, I've had some issues getting the last wedding pictures edited and back to the Bride with the early pregnancy morning sickness and the way I take on too much and then never have enough hours in the day to complete it... Well, I told myself I WOULD have it all done by Thanksgiving, so I've been working night and day, literally, to get them done... And YAY YAY YAY, I finished it up tonight about 1:45 am! I still have a few more projects to get to as my sister will so quickly remind me, but this is a huge weight off my shoulders and I'm sure the bride can't wait to have them too...

Anyways, these pics just cracked me up... You should always check for objects or people in your frame, and when I say people I mean Brother-in-laws... ;)

I didn't even notice he was there, until I went to edit it! ;)

Bye-Bye Chris... I love Photoshop! ;)

Don't know if you can tell, but he's actually smiling and waving now!

I may post some more later... There were a few that I really liked, so hopefully Rachel will like them too... ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Uncle Russ and Aunt Erin's wedding pics

Here are a few shots from Russ and Erin's wedding... I hope they don't mind me posting a few... I ordered a few off the website, but wanted to show you some so y'all could see how great everything came out... Isn't Eli too cute in his little suit?! ;)

CVS Black Friday Deals!!!

I know these deals are all over the coupon blogs, but I just had to post for those of you that aren't avid readers, but might take a trip for these kind of deals... :) There are a TON of Free after ECB deals for Black Friday, but they start Thanksgiving Day, so if you’re a psycho like me, you can grab these deals while the turkey is cooking... :) And these are free even without a coupon, but if you have a coupon then you get overage... :)

Here is the website I got it off of, so you can go get the link to the printables... http://www.thethriftymama.com/2008/11/cvs-black-friday-ads-posted.html

Here you go...Free After ECBs Deals:Colgate Total 2.99
FREE after $2.99 ECB! Limit 2
-$1.50/1 Printable HERE.
-$1/1 from the 11/2 S

Magnavox Universal Remote or Philips Headphones 6.99
FREE after $6.99 ECB! Limit 2

Aussie Hair Care 2.99
FREE after $2.99 ECB! Limit 2
-$1/1 from the 10/12 PG

Johnson’s Soft Lotion 5.69
FREE after $5.69 ECB! Limit 1
-$1/1 Printable HERE
-$1/1 from the 11/2 RP-$1/1 Home Mailers

Gatorade 20 oz 1.49
FREE after $1.49 ECB! Limit 3

Hershey’s King Size Milk Chocolate 1.00
FREE after $1.00 ECB! Limit 1

Bic Soleil Single Razor with 2 Cartridges 5.99
FREE after $5.99 ECB! Limit 2
-$3/1 from the 11/2 S

Garnier Nutrisse Cleansing Towelettes 25 ct. 5.99
FREE after $5.99 ECB! Limit 1
-$1/1 from the 11/9 RP

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation 8.99
FREE after $8.99 ECB! Limit 1
-$3/1 from the 10/26 RP
-$2/1 from the 9/21 RP

5-Hour Engergy 3.99
FREE after $3.99 ECB! Limit 1

CoverGirl Smoothers pressed powder 5.99
FREE after $5.99 ECB! Limit 1
-$1/1 from the 10/12 and the 11/2 PG

CoverGirl Smoothers liquid makeup 7.99
FREE after $7.99 ECB! Limit 1
-$1/1 from the 10/12 and the 11/2 PG

L’Oreal Colour Juice sheer lipgloss 6.99
FREE after $6.99 ECB! Limit 2
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Register and go through a survey to get the coupon).

Sally Hansen maximum growth plus nourishing nail color 3.79
FREE after $3.79 ECB! Limit 1
-$1/1 from the CVS Beauty Book

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a funny little story... :)

We ended up going to another hockey game this week for the Huntsville Havoc, which is the minor league area team.... As we were leaving we ended up behind this car in the parking garage... Somehow we started talking about what that little ball was on the left bottom of the rearview mirror of the SUV... It was one of those window clings were it's supposed to look like some sort of ball has "broken" the back window and there are cracks all around the ball giving the illusion that your window is cracked...
Ryan was telling me that it was a baseball, maybe even a softball, when it was obviously a small ball about the size of a golf ball... So, my logic kicked in and said it has to be a golf ball... He kept saying there was NO WAY it was a golf ball because it looked too big... I was SURE that he was just messing with me to get a reaction because I'm telling you, the ball was tiny, all white (no baseball stitching) and it just COULD NOT be a baseball... We kept jokingly arguing the whole way out of the garage and I finally took this picture in hopes that I could blow it up and prove my point... Unfortunately, when you start to blow it up too much it gets pixilated, but I still put the original photo up, so y'all can get the general idea... Well Ryan kept telling me just to get out and go look... Of course there was no way I was getting out and looking at the back of someone's car, plus, he wouldn't believe me even if I did, because he was so delusionally convinced it was a baseball... :) Well, we finally get out of the garage and ended up pulling up next to the SUV, so he dared me to roll down my window and ask the driver... At first I said no way, but finally, I decided I could do it, so as we pulled up I lowered my window and got her attention... She seemed really nice, so then I asked her what the ball was on her back window... She said it was just a sticker, which I think is hilarious... Of course we know it's a sticker... We don't REALLY think there is a ball broken in your window! ;) So Ryan clarified... "We were wondering what type of ball... Is it a baseball or a golf ball..." She of course was like... "A golf ball..."!!!! This produced "Aww Man's" from Ryan and loud hooping and hollering on my part as I screamed thank you as the light changed... :) She thought it was hilarious and was just laughing, and Eli was cracking up at us because we (Mommy) were being so silly... Oh the gratification... Ryan then says, "I'll admit I'm wrong because the lady said a golf ball, but I still think it was a baseball!!!" MEN!! ;)

I found a pic of the golf ball crack online...

And here is the baseball... See how they look completely different!! ;) I love it! ;)

A few cell phone pics

Okay... I'm a little irritated right now because I had this entire post done and somehow it got deleted, so I'm having to redo it all right now... :( So, anyways, here are a few pics from my cell phone that I'm catching up on... Hope you enjoy...

Here is Eli rocking out on a rocking horse at Cracker Barrell pre-broken leg...

As you can see everyone was enthralled just to watch...
Jared wanted a turn, so Eli made sure the horse didn't get spooked or anything...Well, when we were in Chattanooga for our Anniversary trip we tried this restaurant out, Cheeburger Cheeburger (Yes, they left the "S's" out on purpose...) and they are known for their homemade burgers and fresh french fries... We then found out that there is one in Huntsville, so we decided we'd head on over there the other night... They have this deal that if you can finish their 20 oz massive cheeseburger, you get your picture up on the wall... Ryan loves attention, so he knew he had to give it a try...
Ryan pretending to be intimidated...
Eli wasn't worried... he was too focused on devouring those onion rings...
As you probably guessed, Ryan devoured his cheeseburger in record time... He literally finished his 20 oz burger before I finished HALF of my 7.5 oz burger! So, he ate 20 oz before I ate 3.75 oz! You'll be pleased to know this isn't the quantity he normally eats!
We then headed over to a local college's hockey game... Eli LOVED getting to sit in his own chair and really had a great time... We ended up only spending $8 for all of us to get in, so not too bad for a night of entertainment...
As you can see it definitely kept his attention...
the game...
Mommy had to make sure she got in at least one shot! ;)
Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I always knew he would be famous...

Well, Ryan had to report on the Huntsville Veteran's Parade this afternoon, so Eli and I decided to go and join him... Eli was a little out of it at first because he was sleepy, but after I took him out of his stroller and started playing with him, he started to have a good time... Well, I had him on my shoulders and he was waving his American Flag, and when Ryan came back from taking some shots, I passed Eli on to him and he put him on his shoulders... It wasn't long until the cameraman spotted him and videod a little clip of Eli and Daddy! We checked online and it didn't make the "Live" parade coverage, but I taped the news just in case... Turns out Eli and Daddy made the cut! ;) And since I don't know how to transfer footage from our DVR, we just videod it, so here you go... :) Ryan was the videographer today, so hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eli wants to say Thank You! :)

We had a surprise knock on the door this morning, amd Eli and I were surprised to see a balloon and a cute frog! Eli didn't want me to even take the time to read the card... He wanted to see what this was all about! Eli wants to say Thank You to our church, Calvary Baptist... It was really sweet of you to send Eli a Get Well gift, and I'm sure that Eli will get a lot of entertainment from the balloon and the stuffed frog!

Here are a few pics of Eli with his balloon and frog... He had just eaten some powdered donuts, so try to ignore the white powder everywhere! ;)

Some more pictures from the weekend...

Here are a few pictures from happier times of the weekend... :) Sorry the ones on the end aren't rotated... I rotated them in Photobucket and had already redone the slideshow twice when I realized they still were sideways, and I was tired of messing with it, so oh well...

Hope you enjoy... Most of the pics are from Gramma Leigh-Leigh's camera, so she gets the credit... :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A little Eli...

Well, I thought I'd video a little of Eli and let y'all see... :) He was getting whiny and wanted the camera during it, but he decided he would say a few words, so enjoy... And sorry Mom, but I forgot to try to get him to say Grandma... :( He actually said it today when I asked, so maybe I'll try to get it on camera sometime...

Hope you enjoy...

Cousin Pics

I know everyone has already stolen these and posted them already, but I don't care, here are a few... :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coupon Madness...

Well, I'm attempting at catching up on all the blogging that I'm behind at, so the next few days should have the blogs coming fast and furious, so stay tuned... :)

I have been SO behind in couponing because of my early pregnancy nausea, and I was over 5 weeks behind, and considering I buy 3 papers a week, that is ALOT of coupons to cut and sort... Well, I made an impromptu trip to NC to see Mom because she was off for Fall Break, so I took my coupons with me, and the best Mom in the world helped me cut and sort, and Jen helped me clean out the expired coupons from my binder... I just thought you would like to see...

Here is the piles of expired coupons to be thrown away...

And here is Mom sorting through the Massive amount of coupons... (This pic doesn't even come close to doing it justice!) It literally took days to finish it all! Most of those stacks have hundreds of coupons in them...

Moral of the story is DON'T get behind in cutting coupons, but if you do, ask you Mommy for help! ;)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

:) He still can make me smile...

Well, the living room floor and his highchair have been Eli's world since yesterday, because he can eat in his highchair and I can put all his toys around him on the floor, so he can play as best as possible.

After eating some Goldfish for a snack, and Mommy giving him pretty much whatever he asked for because I still feel guilty, :) he laid his head down on his blankie and within seconds was sound asleep... I just thought it was so adorable, so I had to snap a pic... Hope you enjoy!

Notice all the random objects that he was playing with including a 3 ring binder and his empty yogurt cup from this afternoon... :)

The best part was I picked him up, and he actually went back to sleep in his crib! (Last night was NOT a good night! :( Poor baby will roll over and then can't get back to his back so he spazzes out, then he just wouldn't let me put him down, so I pretty much held him the whole night!) :( I'm gonna try to be a little tougher tonight and see if I can get him used to sleeping on his back the whole night again... Pray for me!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I'm not allowed on anymore slides.

Well, today started off like a wonderful Saturday morning... Ryan's Mom is visiting, so we woke up, had some breakfast, got showered and ready, and headed to the Fall Festival at our Church... It was a lot of fun and they had a blow up bounce house and blow up slide... Eli enjoyed the bounce house but we weren't allowed to go with him, so he just kind of sat in there, and we played a few other games, but the slide looked like fun because Eli LOVES slides... So, the first time down I sat him on my lap and we flew down the slide and he loved it... We played a few more games and then I noticed there was no one on the slide, so I carried Eli back up and got ready to go again... I thought (stupidly) that since there was no one in line, I should let him slide in front of me and not on my lap. (first mistake) and unfortunately I didn't take his shoes off. (second mistake) So, on our way down he was enjoying it, until his rubber sneaker caught on the slide and his leg went underneath him and I and bent awkardly... I saw it immediately and was trying to get my weight off it, and of course he screamed instantly... He was absolutely inconsolable which is NOTHING like him... Whenever he's gotten hurt, I can always calm him down within minutes. We tried to stand him up and he screamed in pain as his leg quivered... Ryan was sure it was broken, and we both knew something was really wrong... We packed up and headed on to the Emergency Room (Eli screaming and fussing the entire way! He sreamed and fussed for at least a solid hour!) :( Thankfully they promptly saw us and literally were getting x-rays within 5-10 minutes of showing up at the hospital. One of the worst parts was I was not able to stay with him during the x-rays because I'm pregnant, so Eli did not appreciate me setting him down on the bed and walking away! :( Thankfully Daddy was there and did an excellent job of trying to console him... I FINALLY was able to get Eli comfortable and asleep when the Doctor came in and gave us the bad news that his tibia or shin bone was indeed broken! :( He said it is ALOT better than what they thought was broken (his hip bone) They let us look at the x-ray and it is a hair line crack across his left shin bone... It is not displaced, so there was no need to set it (Thank goodness!) and they came about 30 minutes later to place a splint on it and then he'll be getting a full leg cast sometime by the middle of the week... The reason they'll do a full leg is so he won't try to walk, which could cause a full break of the leg... They say because he is so young his leg should heal in about half the time as an adult, but still means about a month of recovery for a very active boy! :( He has been a little fussy, but overall, has been trying to play and be as active as possible... Here are a few pics of our pitful little boy...

Here we were on our FIRST trip down the slide when Eli was happy and before Mommy hurt him! :(
And here he is on the way home from the hospital riding in his carseat forward facing for the first time in the Taurus because his knees have to bend when he's rear faced, so he seemed to like that! He's so pitiful!

And here he is sitting with Daddy looking pitiful!