Friday, January 30, 2009

Our "Sweet" little boy...

Well, Eli has begun a fascination with my shoes of every style and type, and this morning I caught him wearing some flats of mine, so I thought I would take the opportunity to be able to embarrass him for years to come, so here you go... :)

They were taken with our new inexpensive camera, so sorry for the blurry pics... I just didn't feel like pulling out my D300... :)

Oh, and he had a mouthful of frosted mini-wheats in most of these!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our New Home!

Well, owning a home is something we've wanted to do for a while, but were nervous about the process and what we could afford in this area... We contacted a realtor about possibly buying a home and asked about seeing some properties we had found ourselves. We were quickly awakened that pictures do not always speak a thousand words! It was very eye opening to see what homes REALLY look like up close! We knew we wanted to find a place that was updated and required a minimal amount of work since Ryan works long hours and doesn't enjoy that kind of work, and I'll be just a little busy with a new baby and Eli... Well, after a couple weekends and weekdays of looking we found our perfect house and went home and slept on it... We called the next day and decided to put in an offer... We had a little false information from our replacement real estate agent (not on purpose) which led us to give a lower offer, but after a day of back and forth counter offers we were able to agree upon a $2,000 decrease from asking and $4,000 in closing costs, plus they are going to complete the privacy fence in the back. Well, Ryan wanted to go look at the house one more time and after looking at everything again, our agent called the listing agent and verbally accepted their counter offer. Then Ryan decided to pull the car in the garage to see how that would work. Well, as I directed him in to within 2 inches of the wall, we realized the car WASN'T going to fit! There was literally 1.5 feet of the car hanging out the back! We immediately told the agent to call them back and tell them this needed to be fixed before we went any further... The problem was there was a little drywalled room built in the back right that housed the washer/dryer and water heater... Well, because of this you lost about 3 feet of parking space which means only a tiny compact car could fit. My heart sank when the car wouldn't fit, and I just knew that the seller was going to tell us to hit the road since we had been a pain in the neck during the negotiations! ;) Well, the next day the seller came out and looked at the property and got in touch with our agent and said that they wanted to meet with us to discuss the layout we wanted, and that they would fix it to our specs! We were so relieved and honestly had started looking at houses again because we were just sure they weren't going to be willing to do anything! We ended up meeting them the next day and explained how we wanted everything and told them if this was changed to our specs we were ready to accept their offer! We signed our contract on Monday, and because of our lease situation we don't close till March 15th, which should give us a little bit of time to get everything settled before Reagan gets here! ;)
Here are some pics of our house! It's a 4 bdrm2bath 2 story home in one of our favorite areas... It's been completely remodled and freshened up and all we have to do is buy a Refrigerator, but otherwise it is move in ready! After taxes, insurance, interest, etc... We are still going to be paying about $100 LESS a month than we pay now for rent, which is of course great news...

I LOVE this kitchen! Pretty much everything has been updated...

All we have to do is get a fridge

This will be Ryan's bathroom since the "Master" will now be the guest bedroom/office

Now the Guest bedroom/Office

This will be Ryan's "Man Cave" ;)

Our Massive Master Bedroom... We're also gonna put a loveseat and recliner along with a Tv up here for those late night feedings. :)

Mine and the kids bathtub...

Our Living room which should have plenty of room for our big sectional...

Our Backyard... Imagine a privacy fence here... (It's barbed wire right now!)

Mine and the kiddos upstairs bath

Hallway leading to the guest bedroom/office

Eli's bedroom... :) Still figuring out what we'll do to his "big boy" room! ;)

The back of our house...

Stairs looking down... (These pics all came out yellow, but it's really a beige)

Our very green breakfast nook... I just need to figure out an acceptable paint alternative...

This will be my Master Closet since Ryan is going to take the HUGE downstairs walk in closet in the Guest Bedroom/Office... ;)

Reagan's room... So excited to get to decorate this!

Another view of Ryan's Man Cave! (The little boy comes with the house!)

I really like these stairs! ;)

They put quality fans in which is such a nice alternative to the shaky fans we have in our apartment!

The Breakfast Nook's light fixture...

I love the moulding, just not the green... :)

The front... :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nikon is sold!

Thanks everyone who contacted me, but the camera is sold! ;)

Nikon D70 DSLR

I’m planning on selling my first Digital SLR camera because I bought an upgrade camera a while back and haven’t gotten around to selling the first one. I tested it and everything works great… Would be a great camera for someone wanting a lot more control than a typical consumer digital camera or someone interested in learning a little photography. Has full manual and automatic settings. Used it for my first wedding shoot with great results. Has 6.1 mega pixels, but don’t let that fool you, this camera up against a typical consumer digital camera with 10 mp is still a considerably better camera.

Included is
1 - Nikon D70 DSLR Camera Body (with cap and strap)
1 - Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 lens w/ front and back cap
1 - Sigma 70-300mm f/4 lens w/back cap (front cap is missing)
1 - Nikon Li-ion battery
1 - Synergy Digital Li-ion battery
1 - Charger
1 - SanDisk Extreme III 2.0 GB Compact Flash card (with case)

You can download the manual off of Nikon’s website because I have NO IDEA what happened to it! ;)

I can’t seem to find the USB cord since I use a memory card reader, but it uses a standard photo USB cord. If I find it or anything else I’ll include it…

I’m asking $150 which is quite a deal considering I can get more selling it online, but thought I’d see if anyone I know would like it. Paid over $1,000 in June 2005. I understand now may not be the best time with the financial situation where it is, so if no one is interested I’ll just sell it online. :)

Just leave me a comment or contact me on Facebook if you are interested… :)

Everything that is included...

Here are a few sample images that I took the last year or so with the D70...

Let me know if you're interested... :)