Monday, October 20, 2008

Oops... Forgot about these pics...

I forgot I had a few cell phone pics that I forgot I was going to post as well! :) Oh, and I have some video footage too, but I forgot my cord in NC when I was there, so it is in the mail and I haven't gotten it yet, so no video until I do...

Here is Eli watching his daddy coach soccer for an Under 8 Squad... Their last game is on Thursday, so although it's been fun, Ryan is more than ready to be done... :)

Here are the boys on the ferris wheel at the Post's carnival they had a few weeks ago... Eli loved it, but Ryan not so much... Not much of a fan of heights... :)

Eli "pretending" to ride the toy at Walmart... Yes, we are "those" parents... :)

Ryan being goofy with Eli and their cousin Gunner while sitting on PopPop's motorcycle... (By the way, we want to adopt Gunner because he has to be the best babysitter ever!) ;) For some reason though, his parents don't want to give him up!

Don't get too excited... :)

Who knows if I'll keep the motivation up to keep blogging regularly! :) I've just been feeling so poopy lately with the pregnancy, which I'm 11 weeks into so far, that the thought of coming up with original thoughts and content just seem so overwhelming! :(

But, anywho, here are a few pictures from our latest venture to GA and NC... We went to GA for Ryan's brother, Russ' wedding, and we had a lot of fun! Eli and I ran up to NC for an overnight trip for my Mom's birthday, so here are a few pics of Eli meeting his Grandma and Grandpa Johnson for the first time and then a few cousin pics... I'm a little sad that I forgot my camera when we went to the wedding, so no pics of that! :( But, hopefully the photog's pics will be nice! :)

Hope you enjoy...

Eli was such a good boy and went right to Grandma Johnson and was studying her hard! :)

He then went to his Grandpa Johnson and they were soon "fast" friends! :)

As you can see they had a little high-five time!And Eli has started giving me "kissies" and just to see if he'd do it, I asked him to give him kissies and to my surprise he leaned right in and gave him a little kiss! :) We all clapped and cheered, so he did it about 8 more times that night! Grandpa Johnson was the first person besides Mommy that he had ever given a kiss too, so I know Grandpa Johnson felt special!And then he gave him a hug to complete the fun!Here are the fun bunch... Eli was the sour puss of the evening, so these are about the only decent ones where he wasn't pitching a fit! We have Wade (7.5 months) Haylee (5 yrs) Eli (16 months) Jared (4.5 yrs), and Jacob (10 months)Isn't it scary how much Haylee and Jared look alike! :) This just cracked me up because Wade and Jacob are trying to take over Eli's "Happy Baby" position! Aren't they so cute! :)Yay, we're pretty much all looking the same direction!Wade and his Mommy... :)Nay's idea and again, Eli the sour puss... Eli with his favorite girl cousin!