Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't get any wild ideas...

I am NOT a true crazy couponer, but this is just too good of a deal if you have babies in diapers!

I don't know how many of you like Pampers or even shop at CVS, but they have a deal starting tomorrow where their Jumbo pack of diapers is on sale for $7.99 and if you buy $20 worth they give you $5 Extra Care Bucks towards a future purchase that you can use same as cash, and if you have any coupons for Pampers you can of course use 1 per package...

So, tonight (some CVS' have the deals already in the system the night before)I bought 3 packs @$7.99 each, total $23.97, and I had 2-$2.00 coupons and 1-$1.50 coupon, plus I had a CVS coupon for $3 off a $15 order, so I paid out of pocket $15.47 and they gave me a $5.00 credit for a future purchase, so it's like I paid $10.47 for 3 packs of Jumbo diapers, or about $3.50 a pack!

Even if you don't have ANY coupons, it is still like paying just over $6 a pack, which is still a great deal! If you have boxes of Cheerios, most of them have a $1.50 Pampers coupon on them. Also, I used coupons for Pampers Splashers and Pull-ups from the Sunday paper and they worked fine!

You can only do the spend $20 get $5 back deal once per CVS card, so good luck, hope this will help you get a good deal! I hope I wasn't too confusing! ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eli's first time swimming...

I am slammed with picture editing right now, but I just have to share these photos of Ryan taking Eli down the slide when we were down in GA at Uncle Russ and Aunt Erin's community pool...

Eli is under all that water! Poor kid got the mess scared out of him when that giant wall of water hit him! Ryan's response when Eli is screaming bloody murder afterwards... "He'll be fine... Let's do it again!" ;)

This is Eli's face when Ryan decided to take him down the slide again! :( Do you think he likes it!? ;)

Daddy's are a mess! :)

-On a side note... Renee figured out why you can never click on my photos to make them bigger, so yay, now you should be able to click on them and see them full size! :)

A few pics from our fun day at the park...

Well, we took a little impromptu trip to Georgia since Ryan had a couple days off because of Memorial Day... We had a pretty relaxing time and overall just had a lot of fun and here are a few pics when we took Eli to the Park. Ryan had never been to the Park with him, so it was fun getting to see them have fun together!

Yes, I'm married to someone famous...

Well, Ryan has really gotten into the swing of things here at Redstone and has been doing story after story... Well, last week in honor of Memorial Day, he was interviewed and used in a couple stories and even made it on the news (it wasn't a speaking role)... So, here is a little video of my famous hubby! ;) See how many times you can spot him...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You better watch out, cause here he comes!

As all of you know, Gas prices are just ridiculous and it went up another 10 cents overnight and this afternoon was $3.89 a gallon! I'm sure by this time next week we'll be dreaming of the days when it was UNDER $4.00! :(

Anyways, Ryan drives about 20 miles a day round-trip which isn't a whole lot, but it does add up with these high fuel prices... He's been talking about getting a bike and riding it around the base, but we just didn't know if it'd be worth the hassle, so we then talked about maybe getting a motorized scooter... Now we all know that they look ridiculous and they aren't exactly the coolest thing to be seen riding on, but hey, this is cold hard cash we could be saving, so why should we complain! So, we headed down to the dealership on Saturday and found a little scooter that shockingly gets over 120 mpg!! That's right, 120!! Eat your hearts out! :) So after a little wheelin' and dealin' we headed home with our new purchase and trust me, I had a few laughs at Ryan's expense as he "climbed" onto MoBertha (his affectionate name for his new toy)! He's had a good ole' time tooling around the apartment complex and was finally able to the get the license and registration done today, so he's hoping to take it into work tomorrow to start the saving! ;)

We figure he'll use under 3.5 gallons a month, so we're actually paying less for the scooter and gas than we were for gas alone in the Cavalier!!! ;) We're still keeping the Cavalier of course, and he won't always take the Scooter in, but we definitely think we'll get lots of good use out of her and it really is fun to drive despite how goofy it looks!

Here are a few pics of Ryan and his "hog"! ;)

Poor Eli will always think we're taking the picture of him! ;)

Safety first! Notice all the crazy reflective material with the jacket and vest... :)

Yes, we are that cool! :)

Crackin' me up!

That's my Ryan...

Can you see me in the reflection? ;)

Look at that massive cloud of smoke coming from the beast!

Ryan looks so unimpressed by all my camera work!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have so much to write, but...

I don't know where to start! ;) So, I'll start with Eli's first time feeding himself his whole lunch! ;) I've been exposing him to more and more "people" food, so yesterday, I decided since I was having a sandwich, then he would have that too, so I cut him a little bit and he was so cute since he hasn't had some of the ingredients yet! Anyways, hope you enjoy... Don't you just love his little curls behind his ears!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy First Mother's Day to me!! ;)

I know... Mother's Day isn't until Sunday, but this afternoon I was very pleasantly surprised by some beautiful roses and a very sweet card from my wonderful little boy, Eli! I'm sure he called the florist himself and made sure the card was worded just right... He also was sweet enough to have them sent on Wednesday, since I'm going back home to Alabama the day after Mother's day, and this way I will have quite a few days to fully enjoy them! What a thoughtful little boy I have! ;) Who by the way will be 11 months old on Sunday! What a wonderful Mother's Day present that is itself! :)

And, because Eli may not have managed to call the Florist, or thought of just the perfect thing to say, I'm guessing Daddy might have had a little something to do with it! Thanks honey, you really know how to make me feel special, I love you!

He really did a great job!

The view from the top!