Thursday, December 18, 2008

It was Santa time again!

Well, we finally had the goofy cast off and we decided we needed to go get Eli's picture with Santa cause it's just a fun thing to do... :) He was fine walking up to Santa and waving at him, but not so much sitting in his lap... He started crying right away, but calmed down within about 15 seconds... If she would have given me another 15 or so seconds I could have had him smiling, but they were not there for good pictures... Just to get you through and on your way... :( Ryan tells me to relax and that it's fine, but it just annoys me cause he could have been smiling... Oh well, maybe next year! ;)

Hope y'all enjoy!
Here's his pic from last year at around 6 months old...

And this year at 18 months old! I can't believe how big he is! :(
(I just love his little red socks peeking through!) ;)

We found out what we're having!!

I announced this on Facebook, but completely forgot that I need to post it here because there are a ton of people that don't have Facebook, and I might not have gotten a chance to tell yet...

We were the first ones in for an ultrasound on Monday, and the baby was NOT wanting to cooperate! It was moving all over the place and wrapping their legs up so you couldn’t get a good look, plus the umbillical cord was going between their legs... I was so sad cause the tech kept saying that it wasn’t looking good to find out the sex... I just laid there and prayed that God would let us see because I just didn’t know if I could handle going home without knowing! The tech looked for like 10 minutes and then finally said that she thinks she sees something and that she was 90% sure it was a girl, and that she hadn’t seen any evidence of any boy parts... Then our little girl spread her legs for us and plain as day we saw the 3 little lines! (What they look for on ultrasounds to identify if it's a girl) No boy parts this time!!! We are sooooo excited and I cannot wait to go find some cute girl clothes!!

I honestly get excited everytime I think about it and cannot wait to see what she'll look like and who she'll take after... We are just so thankful that she is healthy and everything seems to be going wonderful!

They put the pictures on CD's instead of print outs and I totally forgot to go back and pick one up, so hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow... The stills weren't really that great anyways, but I know y'all will want to see something! :)

Oh, and her name will be Reagan (middle name still undecided) Stroud... :)

Okay... Okay...

I've been threatened to within an inch of my life if I don't start getting back on the blogging horse, so here we go again... It is just really daunting when so much is happening and you get so very far behind! :(

Anywho, I guess we'll start with a few of Eli's Christmas pictures... Sam and Heather helped me wrangle him and we got a few good shots... Crazily enough The actual edited shots are still on my Mom's computer in NC, so I only have smaller versions of them, so that's why they are smaller than normal when you click on them...

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy... Oh, and there is a whole nother blog on the adventure of getting them printed... :)

This is the one that went on some of his Christmas Cards...
And this is the one that went in the rest... :)