Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catch up Cell Phone pics...

:) Here you go... It's hard to upload them, so I don't get to them as often as I should! ;)

This is Eli at the ER in November... He had an over 104 degree temp that wouldn't stay down with meds, so we headed to the ER... :( This was after lots of Motrin... He was happy for about 20 minutes, then miserable again!)

He was trying to offer us some of his snack! ;)

On our way to NC at Christmastime... The poor guy fell asleep mid-pizza slice! ;)

As you can see they BOTH enjoyed some slumber! ;) (This was at a stoplight!)

Sitting outside Cracker Barrell with Grandpa...

This was at our Real Estate Agent's office when we were making our first offer...

Ryan was very bored as you can tell...

This is the dresser we got at a local resale furniture store... It's solid and after a little work will go in Reagan's room! ;)

Jacob at Ihop on Free Pancake Day!

Jared enjoying his free stack!

Wade enjoyed a few bites too! ;)

Eli of course enjoyed his too! ;)

Us at our final walk through before we signed our lives away! ;)

If you click on this and make it bigger, you should be able to see it's a CVS... It's on the way to GA and NC and it's in a little strip mall... Just thought Mom would get a kick out of it... Never seen one before that wasn't free-standing... (I know, I'm weird!)

I was putting away Eli's saucer since Reagan can't use it for a couple more months and Eli couldn't handle it, he HAD to get in even with it folded up! ;)

Please ignore that he's pantless! ;)

Also took the cover off the car seat so we could wash it and get it ready for Reagan... Eli couldn't resist this either!


Ellen said...

My goodness, woman! You're a blogging fiend... Every time I log on you've posted 3 new blogs! LOL.

LOVED the cell pics. Eli seems like he's so much fun... AND he keeps you on your toes. ;) Such a cutie. Can't wait to see pics of the newest member of your family!

Sam said...

I agree with Ellen, it's nothing, nothing, then boom five blogs all at once. You have a nice camera phone. My pictures would not have turn out that well.

Bette Anne said...

I know, I know.. The house process has kept me just a little busy, and I've been getting the pressure to get pics back up, so I'm trying to catch up! ;)